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What is burning candles for a purpose? What are the principles behind burning candles for a purpose?2018-06-29T09:50:06-07:00

Candles have been an integral part of people’s lives since antiquity. There is no actual written record of how long people have been burning candles but candle holders have been found dating back to the 4th century BCE. This long history of candle use by our ancestors can explain our attraction to the candle and its flame. Lighting a candle for a purpose gives you, for that one moment, complete clarity. When you do a physical action for a spiritual purpose you are aligned with that purpose. Your own power combines with spiritual power and things happen.

How long do the candles burn?2018-06-29T09:47:56-07:00

Our candles burn for four to six hours.

Does it matter what time of day I burn the candle?2018-06-29T09:52:25-07:00

Candles can be burned at anytime. Night is considered the strongest but burning during the day is better than not at all.

What if I don’t have time to let the candle burn all the way?2018-06-29T09:53:54-07:00

Usually when burning candles for a purpose you want to let the candle burn itself out. If you stop the candle, you interrupt the energy and can affect the results. Now we do recommend that you do not leave burning candles unattended, so if you cannot stay with the candle for the entire burning time then extinguish the flame and relight it the next day. Continue to do this until the candle goes out by itself.

What do I do if my candle goes out by itself or is blown out before it is spent?2018-06-29T09:56:00-07:00

Relight the candle and continue as before. See Results section for meanings.

How many candles should I burn for one purpose?2018-06-29T09:58:12-07:00

This depends on your experience burning candles and the size of your goal; in general, larger, more complex goals require more candles. Also, using candles set to a purpose takes some practice so when you are just starting out you may receive only small results. Because it may take many candles to achieve the results you want, we have priced our candles very low to make them affordable.

I received some results but I want more, what do you recommend?2018-06-29T09:59:47-07:00

Practice brings better results. Continue to burn the candles about once per week for four weeks or if the goal is very large for sixteen weeks.

My situation is really complex and I am not sure which candle to start with..2018-06-29T10:01:29-07:00

Complex situations call for a series of candles. For example, if you are trying to sell a house that has been on the market for a long time you may want to do the following series:

  1. Clearing (to clear the house of old energies)
  2. Sell House
  3. Pay Me (so you receive the amount of money you are asking for)
  4. Moving (so you can move to your new location)
  5. Happy Ending (so the transaction and move go smoothly)
I have been doing a candle focus for the last few weeks. Would adding more candles give what I have done a supplement or a boost?2018-06-29T10:02:56-07:00

Sometimes additional candles will supplement what is already been done and sometimes they make no difference. And it is hard to predict which will be the case before the candle work has begun. However if your additional candles have very small flames it is an indication that no more candles are needed in this situation and you can turn your attention to something else.

I didn’t receive any results, what went wrong?2018-06-29T10:05:03-07:00

There are several possible explanations, see Results below. If the candle was not allowed to finish, then the energy could have been blocked. Sometimes additional candles are needed. Sometimes patience is needed. And sometimes results come in a form we are not expecting and so we don’t recognize that we did receive what we asked for because it wasn’t exactly as we had envisioned.

I burned the candle but I didn’t have time to dispose of the left over wax according to the directions. Will that affect my results?2018-06-29T10:06:19-07:00

Yes, by following the last bit of the instructions you focus power on your goal. If you don’t follow through, the power is scattered and much weaker, bringing less substantial results.

I burned the candle and there is no left over wax. What does this mean?2018-06-29T10:07:56-07:00

A candle that burns cleanly and leaves no left over wax indicates that while help for your situation is coming it has taken a lot of energy to get that help. This can be because your own energy is rather depleted at this time or that you are slightly uncertain that you want what you are asking for. Overall, however, no leftover wax is a sign that help is coming and you should use the leftover wick to complete the spell.

Do regular candles work just as well?2018-06-29T10:09:29-07:00

Candles that are for spiritual purposes, Quick Spell Candles, Goddess Candles, Angel Candles, Feng Shui Fortune Candles, candles with pictures of saints on them, and beeswax candles all work well. These candles were designed and made for a spiritual purpose.

Other candles (e.g. ordinary candles from the grocery store) can be used but they must be “dressed” to get good results. Dressing a candle is clearing it and consecrating it for a special purpose. You can clear a candle using salt or sage or consider using our Candle Dressing oil to achieve this. Then you can consecrate it using special words or writing into the wax of the candle. By taking these extra steps you add power to your request.

How can I learn more about burning candles for purpose?2018-06-29T10:11:09-07:00

We recommend the booklets “Candleburning” and “Color” by Diane Ronngren.


The quality and duration of the candle flame gives us useful information about the helpful energy that is coming (or not coming).


  • the candle goes out before it is spent: The energy and your request have been blocked. Try to locate and remove the block.
  • someone blows out the candle: A person (not necessarily the person who blew out the candle) is blocking your request.
  • the flame is very large: Lots of help is coming.
  • the flame is very small: You are asking for the wrong thing, try asking something else.
  • the candle flame is sputtering and making noise: You need to pay attention, something is coming.
  • the candle drips wax all over: You must use your influence and power in the situation.
  • the candle burns in less than four hours: Help is coming quickly.
  • the candle takes more than six hours to burn: Help is coming very slowly.


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